The perfect proposal

You know something’s up. Perhaps he’s got an STI, or maybe he’s breaking up with you? Whatever it is, as a female, we’re wired to think the worst. 

He’d been acting odd for a few weeks, asking questions about things he never cared about, “what do you mean you don’t like rose gold?!”, “when do you get your Invisalign off”? and my personal favourite, “don’t touch my things!” – like a spoilt 5 year old. Whatever it was, he was certainly cranky, and frankly, he was already tip toeing on thin ice after his recent drunken shenanigans. 

In hindsight I realise I was a complete idiot. It’s definitely not something I’m proud of, but honestly I thought after proving he still had MANY years of growing up after blowing a few $$$$ thousand on his precious ‘tinny’, that we were still a very long way away. But, I was wrong. 
It happened at the end of our trip to Bali. We were in our favourite place in the world, Mick’s Place in Bingin, and had booked the ‘Honeymoon Suite’ after dreaming about it on our last 3 visits. Now here’s where you go, “but you must’ve guessed?!”. Well no, I had booked it after being totally jealous of another couple who got to stay in the amazing suite on our last stay. I had massive FOMO and wanted to check it out for myself. Luckily for Bill, zero planning was involved.
So here I was, demanding plenty of Instagram worthy photos of me in the infinity pool, with the worlds best view. My favourite is the pensive, “I’m looking out onto the ocean, unknowing of Bill taking photos of me”. When all of a sudden he suggested we take a couples photo. My instant reaction, was defensive, of course, because normally these types of gestures sound lovely upfront, but I end up getting humiliated in some way. Perhaps he was going to drown me, or his personal favourite was undoing my bikini top just as the camera flash went off. He’s a real romantic as you can tell, and I was definitely suss.
So up he sat with the camera fiddling around, attempting to set up the timer. For those that know Bill well, you’ll know that when it comes to technology, he’s like an 80 year old trying to work out an iPhone. It’s so painful to watch, but true to his 80 year old alter ego, he’s extremely stubborn and refuses any help. 
Once he’d finally figured it out, he swam over to the infinity pool edge, pulled out the ring from his board shorts and instantly, I started laughing. It was such an odd experience. I think the shock made me a little delirious to be honest. And it became apparent that poor Bill had no idea what the outcome would be. He later told me that he’d actually planned around the likelihood of me saying “no”, poor kid. 
So after a few minutes of him grinning ear to ear, waiting patiently while I was in shock. He asked ever so politely. “So what do you say?” And of course I said yes. (If I didn’t, this blog would be super odd!)
We chose to keep our news to ourselves until we got back to Australia. This secretly killed Bill, I could see him bursting at the seams, desperate to call his girlfriends with his big news. 😂 However for me, it was nice for only a small 24 hour period to be in our own little bubble, unknowing of the mania we would be thrown into when we got home. 
While that’s our story, each and every proposal is special and perfect in its own little way. While Bill’s had zero planning involved, (he even purchased the ring the day before we left for Bali), it was us. Blasé and understated but nonetheless, filled with love. 
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Moments before our proposal. Me, posing of course.

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