That locked in venue feeling

So today we paid the deposit on our wedding venue and the excitement hit. 🕺🏼💃
It was like the wedding wasn’t actually happening until this moment, in fact Bills first comment to me was “well you can’t get cold feet now”, and now that I’ve deposited my yearly social life into someone else’s bank account, we can finally spend 5 minutes doing a happy dance before crawling into a debt ridden, foetal position. 

It’s funny we never really had to discuss our dream wedding. I think deep down we both knew Bali was it and luckily, we have very similar taste and ideas. But to give you an idea, the mandatory features our wedding venue had to meet were:

  1.  Location: Uluwatu, more specifically our dream was Bingin. I am very pleased to say this condition was met. ✔️
  2. Setting: Ocean views. Now if you’ve never been to Uluwatu, you’re probably picturing a tiny glimpse of sea. We’re talking cliff side, “holy crap I’ll probably have to many vodka spritzers and topple to my death” cliff situation. This feature was also met. ✔️
  3. Spacious green grass. This is weird, but for some reason we really, really like grassy open spaces. Of course it also allows for a killer dance floor. This feature was met. ✔️
  4. Big pool. Yes, the bride and groom will so be drunk swimming in the wee hours of the night. In fact, there is a high likelihood of me being drenched during speeches. Total class. Guests will also be HIGHLY encouraged. This condition was also met x 2. ✔️
  5. Balinese vibes. Now, this may seem totally obvious, but believe it or not, it’s near impossible to find a luxury traditional Balinese style villa these days. Turns out, everyone in Bali wants to build ultra modern villas. This was the Groomzilla’s very painful sticking point. But, I must admit, he was right to push on this. Condition was met. ✔️
  6. Large enough to accommodate our bridal party. After one week, we realised this was an impossible request. Most villas have max 6 bedrooms and given our bridal nearly matches my home towns population, we retreated. ✖️

I know I promised a no secrets policy, however I think I might leave the villa name a mystery for the moment.

For future bride to be’s. Here’s the part that hurts. We are already spending a lot more than we initially thought we ever would. In our minds we THOUGHT we had a fair idea of the costs, but ohhhhhh no, we were severely wrong. I have a new appreciation of weddings and would never ever judge a couple for eloping, in fact, I raise my hands in honour – you smart, smart lovers. 

Well, I’d better go jazz myself up, because I’ll be selling myself on a St Kilda corner for the next year to give Billy the day he’s always dreamed of since he was a wee girl. Feel free to visit, or jump on my Go Fund Me page 

For more wedding spam you can find me on Instagram @blasebride

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