The Blasé Brides not so chilled moment

Firstly, I’d like to preface this post by saying, I really hope that choosing the venue is the most stressful part. 

I can picture any ‘now wives’ reading this, cackling to themselves thinking, this bitch ain’t got no idea of what’s ahead of her. 

This was one of the many times in the last few weeks I asked Bill, “are you sure you don’t want to elope?” And when I saw his puppy dog eyes glistening back at me, I knew the answer was that yet again, he was going to get his way. 

After looking at what has felt like a thousand wedding venues and wedding videos, and being disappointed time and time after, because of some extra cost, or another negative that we hadn’t realised up front, I was defeated. I legit found myself cuddled up in foetal position hugging my Owly (my teddy bear for those of you who aren’t familiar) whimpering to myself, wondering why on earth people in LOVE!! do this to themselves. 

Now while the above may seem a little extreme, it’s important to remember that I hate making decisions. To the point that I avoid them like the plague and hope someone (e.g Bill) will make them for me. And for a destination wedding, the venue is the most critical for many reason. It’s where you stay for 4 days and it makes or breaks the wedding. Most importantly it is by far the most expensive decision. For girls wanting to understand pricing, future posts will assist, but all I will say is that we were prepared for the worst, and it was even worse. Sigh.

So back to my breakdown. I can promise it ended on a positive.

Here I was, all foetal like and then like Hagrid from Harry Potter, in stormed my scruffy Prince Charming. 

Now lads, I highly doubt you’re reading this, but if you are, take heed of Billy’s ways. 

1. Hug

2. Listen (or pretend to)

3. Do NOT make suggestions that contradict a woman’s thoughts

4. Tell her she’s right, but together we will find a solution 

5. Repeat step 1

What I realised from my meltdown moment is how easy it is to loose sight of why you’re getting married. (Although, I must admit I never really understood why people so badly wanted to get married.) But, just as quickly I remembered why. 

If you’re having a meltdown moment, take a deep breath and allow your partner to make you laugh. Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in the stress when really, it’s supposed to be the happiest moment of your young life. And, when you’re spending the equivalent of a very large house deposit, make the most of every moment. 

I’m sure we’ll have plenty of stressful times to come, but I hope this little post will act as a reminder to me. And maybe, it might relate to you. 

Over and out.

The Blasé Bride.

For more wedding inspo follow @blasebride on Instagram. 


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