The cost of beauty

Let’s face it, no man really knows the true cost of their wedding. There’s a lot of sneaky costs that strategically fly under the radar. 
Every female hates the phrase “but I love you just the way you are.” Like seriously, go blow yourself, because I will certainly lovvvveeee myself after I’ve lost 5 kgs, have a perfectly toned butt, clear skin and a glowing tan. (just to name a few) There’s nothing a skilfully trained cosmetic nurse cant fix, and it would be a shame to waste all those unnatural treatments. Maybe I should rename this blog to the Vain Bride? 

I started putting together a list of all the things I’ve heard (and of course considered!) in the lead up and on the day of their wedding. But I should preface I will not be doing all of these, I haven’t completely lost the plot.

– Personal trainer ($50-$60 a session x 1 day a week 6 months prior to the wedding) 

– Gym membership ($40 a week) 

– Eyelash extensions ($150-$260) x 2 

– Brow sculpt and tint ($50)

– Hair extensions ($300 +)

– Eyebrow tattooing ($300-$500) 

– Fake tan ($40)

– Manicure ($40)

– Pedicure ($40)

– Makeup x 2 (trial and on the day) ($250)

– Hair colour ($160 – $250)

– Hair style x 2 (trial and on the day) ($250)

– Botox ($100-$300)

– Laser hair removal ($200 x 6 sessions)

– Facials ($120 x 6)

At a minimum, on the day, I will have spent at least $1,000 on how I look. It’s ludicrous! This is excluding the many months of PT sessions and facials I’ll be getting in the lead up.

In all seriousness, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. And while some girls claim to be free spirited hippies, I’m certain they’re not rocking round with hairy legs and colourless hair on their big day. I hold absolutely no judgement for what girls spend, because when you’re spending $40k+ (+++++++!!!) on a wedding, there’s no way you want to look back on your photos and cringe. 

I must admit, 3 years ago I would have shook my head and ‘tsked’ the girl who spent $1000’s on her bridal prep. And, since starting on this journey it’s something that has come up A LOT! And while I love a good gossip as much as any girl, I’ve realised that people can spend their money on whatever they choose. And, I look at the average journey post wedding, it’s the last time a girl gets to indulge on themselves before spending a lifetime with outgrown roots, un-manicured hands chasing after 3 drunken gnomes covered in their own snot. So I say “Treat Yoself!” 

And Billy baby, don’t ask questions, my skin always looked this flawless. 

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The messy pony that cost $250 to create

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