Say my name, say my name – oh yes it’s staying the same

For those who know me well, you may be surprised by my decision to stay Sophie Maxwell. You may question why I’m not taking the name of the love of my life, one with a killer family and particularly amazing parents.
It’s a combination of reasons really. Maybe I’m a little bit lazy, wanting a little less fuss and confusion. Or, perhaps it’s more to do with my independent, pain in the ass personality, and the fact that Bill was not even slightly surprised, nor offended when I suggested I keep my name. You see, he knows me best. 
Over the past 26 years I’ve grown quite accustomed to my name. And when I tell people Bills name, they often double take and repeat “Bill ‘Bundy’, like Bundy and Coke?” Nooooo BLUNDY B L U N D Y.. Anyway as you can see, the added complexity seems mind boggling to me, I already get enough grief from telemarketers thinking my name is Stacey. The struggle is real. 
I hold absolutely no judgement for women that take their mans name, I think that’s exactly the point, do whatever you choose and tell all those that question your decisions to stick it. 
Will Bill become a ‘Maxwell’ you may ask? Yes, well surprise!!! 😉 Because you can’t hear my sarcasm, let me be clear, I have no desire for my husband to be to take my surname (I haven’t become a complete feminist nut ball), but I did enjoy his face when I suggested (with zero sincerity) that we hyphenate our surnames. I completely acknowledge the confusion it will cause our future children, I’m sure they’ll tsk and sigh, but it’ll be amongst many other losses as a result of their painful mother. They’ll be Blundy’s – even though I prefer mine. I feel like it’s got a certain strength to it. 
I know I’m in the smaller minority and that my decision will seem silly to some. But really, jokes aside, I feel like my name is the front door to my identity. It’s who I am, and I’m not quite ready to give that up. Being a ‘Maxwell’ means a lot off different things to me. Life has been far from easy, but for some reason my name reminds me of my wins every day and I feel like if I change it, I’m shying away from all the moments that have gotten me to where I am today. I know exactly who I am, it’s my decision – so a Maxwell I will stay. 
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