My Bali photographer shortlist

One of the major ‘pro’s’ to a Balinese destination wedding is the amazing local photographer talent available at extremely reasonable prices. I’ve heard horror stories of girls bringing over Australian based photographers and them not knowing the local sites and how to get around. My one tip is – if you want beautiful pictures, let a local lead the way to the best spots. For control freaks like myself, this will hard – but you can do it! Just remember, trust the experts and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
So for girls and boys on the hunt for a good photographer for your next trip to Bali (whether it’s for an engagement shoot, couple shots, family photos, wedding snaps or to capture your 40th extravaganza) I’ve got the ultimate list for you!
1. Evermotion Photography 

Based in Bali, this team specialises in wedding, pre-wedding and family portraits, Evermotion pride themselves on creating honest photography through moments of human connection. 

2. Imaj Gallery 

Is a visual story teller, fine art wedding photographer, a husband and a Dad with four kids based in Bali who is also available for travel to shoot destination wedding and honeymoon coverage.

3. Iluminen 

A team of quirky wedding photographers based in Bali and Jakarta. As a visual storyteller, they value the simplicity of raw emotion and candid intimacy. They believe your story is the heart of our photograph and appreciate every little detail, and strive to create deep connection in the beautiful imagery that they capture.

4. Flipmax 

Bali based photography and videography team, so if you’re looking for an easy two in one option – Flipmax is for you. 

5. Terralogical 

A team of young, creative and award-winning Bali Wedding Photographers. Their work mainly consist of weddings because they love to tell stories through images. These guys are based in Bali, but do travel worldwide for weddings as well

Now I picked these guys for a reason – I just loved the candid moments between couples they captured and was fortunate enough to be at one of their weddings earlier in the year and they had such a massive team covering all angles. It’s nothing I’ve ever seen in Australia. 

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