My bride tribe proposal 

For any bride, you’ll know how important this decision is. I’ve heard stories of split friendships, because either a bridesmaid stole the show or a bridezilla seriously went nuts. Over what will be one of the most stressful (spending a whole lotta cash is never going to be pain free) times of a girls life, having the right girls (or guys) by your side is key to enjoying the moments that should be savoured. 

The first question a bride has to answer is “how many?” Now, for me I didn’t really get a choice because my darling Groomzilla demanded a certain number. Admittedly it was more than I had imagined, but when he looks at you with those doe eyes, like Bambi after his mothers been shot, how could I say no? 

Now the second question a bride should ask herself “is how am I going to ask them?” So this is where I seriously stuffed up. I had this brunch planned in my mind, where I would invite them all, they’d open a cute gift that had “Bride Squad” stamped all over it and we’d all be deliriously overwhelmed with joy. Unfortunately what really happened was far from classy. In true ‘white girl wasted, Sophie Maxwell’ style, my dream proposal spiralled out of control. So, the night we got home from Bali and told our family, it got leaked to some of Bills friends that we were engaged. We had really wanted to tell everyone face to face and because I didn’t want my besties finding out from someone else, we went on a mission to find them straight away – not ideal when you’re slightly exhausted after a 6 hour flight. Thankfully they had all been to the footy that day and were getting dinner at a nearby pub. We made our grand entrance, me flashing my bling and Bill smiling like a maniac and from there on that’s we’re it all got a bit boozy. One word, ‘escalated’ – it’s not every day you get engaged and we definitely got a tad excited. So after 4 bottles of champagne, I couldn’t hold in my excitement and I spilled the beans to my maids. There were tears, lots of broken glasses (I like to talk with my hands after a few glasses of chandy) and of course questionable dance moves. 

When I reflect I think, am I really disappointed I didn’t get my fairytale bridesmaid proposal? For those that know me well, I’m not really into the ‘fluff’, and perhaps my white girl wasted proposal suited me to a tee. “But what about your bridesmaids” you ask? I figure if we’re all in Bali spending bulk time together, it’s probably a better time to give gifts when we can all enjoy them. They’ll be spoiled with plenty of “Bridesquad, Brides Bitches, Maids” branded goodies upon arrival. 

My one piece for future Brides is, don’t let other people’s expectations and choices define you. Remember it’s your day, we are all unique in our own little ways and life would be boring if we all did everything the same. Have as many or as little as you like, and when it comes to the ‘proposal’ wing it your way, it makes for a good story 👏🏻👏🏻

Who my bridesmaids are and why I chose them will come at a later date. For now for my bride spam, follow me over at Instagram @blasebride 

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