Shredding for the wedding Part 1

There’s something about a white dress and those blessed vows that turn females into dieting, stress heads, determined to shape their body at any cost. For those of us who did our debutante balls, perhaps that’s at the core of the issue? I was about 15kg heavier with a terrible hair colour and an even worse dress sense, and I think I’ve been scarred by the photos ever since. There’s always a photo you look back on and think, god I looked good. And it’s only natural we all hope our wedding photos become that exact photo in the future, and your kids one day look back and say “damn mum, you were mighty fine!”, yes that’s right son, you weird incest child, I was indeed a hottie.

So, I’m on a mission to feel good at my wedding through some good old test and trial. This particular trial is centred around food (yes I’m doing a few others) and testing how particular foods make me look and feel. For those that know me well you’ll know I’ve had a serious case of IBS since I was roughly 8 years old and have always had to limit what I eat. It bloody sucks and sometimes when I get tired of being the annoying one with food, I find myself in situations where I have to leave events early because I’m too unwell. It also means I bloat like a mother fucker. So in the morning I might have a rocking bod, but by noon I look a 38 week pregnant woman carrying triplets.

So what am I removing?

Day 1 – 7:

– No dairy (I already do this)

– No gluten or grains (I already do this)

– No red meat

– No caffeine (😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 my one true love)

– No alcohol

– Limit fruit to bananas before exercise

– Only eat allowed carbs (quinoa, sweet potato) before or after exercise

Sound a bit cray hey? You’re probably thinking, so that sounds great but what the bloody hell are you eating?

Think fish, chicken, turkey, veggies and water on repeat. Lucky for me I love this type of food, but very unlucky for me, I love a glass of wine after a shitty day and a coffee on a Monday morning, so we’ll see how my mental health goes.

I’m going to listen to my body and if I feel like ass after 7 days then I’ll re-evaluate but I figure it’s worth a try, and if it means I have a healthy feeling tummy, it’s been worthwhile!

Wish me luck peeps and if you’re keen to find out how I’m coping, I’ll be providing a one week update in exactly 7 days time.

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