Shhhhh… it’s a secret. Find out how much we really paid for our engagement ring!

One of my favourite questions to ask boys who are sooo on the road to a proposal is “have you looked at rings yet?” Not because I really care, (sorry I don’t) but because I love seeing their petrified faces at the thought of purchasing the wrong ring. For anyone needing a pick me up, I highly recommend giving this a go, it’s a piss! Anywho, I always seem to get distracted when it comes to other people discomfort.

But aside from the humour it really splits men into 2 groups. There’s some like my very considered, corporate bestie who thrive off an opportunity to research and probably know more way about the perfect ring than his very cruisey fiancé. OR, there’s sadly boys (and I use the term ‘boy’ very carefully here) that literally buy the ring the day before they propose. Guess which one of these categories my darling Bill falls into? Yes, no shock here. Zero organisation or research and perhaps I should be flattered that he was so confident in his decision but god it makes me wonder about the life I’m signing up for.

So when it came to our proposal, there were 2 stages.

1. August 2016: Bill and I were about to Jetset off on our first holiday alone, yes weird we’d been together for so long but our holidays always seemed to get legs and grow in numbers. The weekend before our holiday, Bills footy team made it to the GF and sadly, they lost. What followed after that was 3 days of depressed drunken boy shenanigans and dress ups (why do boys love dressing up so much?), which ultimately led to a very scattered soul. What followed confuses me to no end. So the boys finished up on the Monday and our flight to Bali was booked for Wednesday morning. So on a Tuesday, Bill thought it was a smart idea to head to Chadstone to look for an engagement ring. Why? Seriously why would he do that? I can picture him now. Red eyed and wandering aimlessly like a corpse. Can you imagine the looks on the jewellers faces when he walked in? They probably thought he was about to rob them. Needless to say, his shopping expedition was a fail and he came out empty handed.

6 months later we were heading back over to Bali for one of our friends weddings. Again, absolutely no suspicion on my part. We had NEVER looked at rings together and I hadn’t shown him what I liked at all. To be honest I had never tried on rings by myself and hadn’t even considered engagement rings. So same old story, he popped off the day before the trip (as you do) to get himself an engagement ring. Now, I wouldn’t say Bill makes the best decisions. In fact I would say it’s a far higher likelihood for him to make a terrible decision in most situations. However, on this occasion he was brilliant. He knew very well he had absolutely no idea what I wanted (funnily enough what he picked was perfect) and knew that I’d have a heart attack if I couldn’t return the ring. So, he popped over to Secrets and bought my the best temporary ring EVER. Can I just say Secrets is a mans best friend. Seriously girls, tag your men in this post. The girl is able to exchange her ring up to 2 weeks after purchase if she doesn’t like it and you can easily swap in the diamond once you’ve got your real one. And the best part it means the guy can keep it ALL a surprise. Like I mean no trying on rings or any of that, it’s the best surprise ever.

The rings are completely real too, (not the diamond) so you do pay around $900 for it, but you get to keep the ring so it’s money towards your dream ring in the end. They’re the most gorgeous rings and to be honest the amount of people who commented on my beautiful ring was ridiculous. It looks like the real deal 🙌

Plus it means you have a few months to decide if it’s the ring for you (and for your man to save extra dollars) before committing to the real (unexchangeable) ring.

And on my real ring, that I finallllyyy have. Well that’s another story and seriously one you’ll want your man to know all about. We saved serious $$$$$ and yes it’s the real deal and my absolute dream ring 😍

Post to come next week, I’m so excited to share it with you all 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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