Our wedding day – Part 2. The meet and greet.

So this is the fun part. We were actually getting married. No bloody volcano could stop us, and everyone was excited. I just remember feeling so jittery and excited, it was this surreal feeling seeing everyone we loved in Bali and like walking down the street and running into someone you knew, and they were there for you. Bill and I kept looking at one another and smiling, we would’ve looked like crazy people half the time, but we soaked up every moment because we knew how quickly time would fly past. I’ll never forget that feeling, it’s such a humbling moment and in times of sadness I’ll use the moment to pick me up.

For destination weddings, (and all weddings if you can) a meet and greet is a must. It gives everyone an opportunity to talk about their holiday thus far, meet one another and be reminded that they’re all in Bali (in our case) for a wedding – woohoo! It also gave us an opportunity to get allllll the small talk out of the way. So that when it came to the wedding day we could just enjoy having the best day of our lives.

We (and I really mean I did, Bill had no idea) actually planned our wedding around the meet and greet. Single Fin Sunday’s are a must when in Uluwatu, Bali (which is where our wedding was), and I knew it’d be the perfect opportunity for everyone to have a boogie and enjoy the best night life Bali has to offer. I also strategically allowed 1 day in between our meet and greet and wedding, fully knowing that there would be some sore heads the following day. And thankfully I did, because I’m not quite sure we would’ve had everyone rock up to the wedding day.

It’s at this point where I’d like to remind future brides that everyone’s different and to never feel pressured to do something because someone else has set an expectation. Some brides prefer a much more traditional low key wedding, with a fancy meet and greet/sit down dinner. And, a lot of people post our wedding commented that at times it felt like a footy trip because of all the party nights 🤦🏼‍♀️ and to be honest, that’s exactly what Bill and I wanted. Young and old, people celebrated and enjoyed their time together. And if you know Bill and I (more so Bill) we like to go out together and I can imagine us being those parents at festivals with their kids on their shoulders. Bill wouldn’t have enjoyed anything formal, and it was our wedding so I wanted to ensure it was as much him as it was me. To be honest it ended up being more so him than me, but seeing him happy brings me so much joy, so it was a win win.

Next up on the blog is our wedding day recount 👏🏻👏🏻

Bride Tip: Use the meet and greet to test your hair and makeup again. I ended up getting really naturally tanned and my face on the meet and greet looked pale in comparison to my body because the foundation used initially was too light, so I made sure that my wedding makeup was darker.

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