The aftermath PART 1 – The Fam Bam

Me. Totally oblivious to the craziness that was about to hit.

So here we were, literally flying high in the sky, excited to share our news with our loved ones. In my mind, I imagined a few days of brunches and catch-ups and was in no way prepared for the 3 week hangover I was about to endure.

As soon as we picked up my car, we begun making calls.

  • First cab off the ranks were my cutie patooti parents. 

Note: Mum now has a Fitbit which is solely used to alert her to phone calls. There’s something about pushing out a watermelon from your hoo ha that makes you immune to the sound of a ringing phone. It really is a very annoying condition. But all hail the Fitbit, for its only purpose is to 1. Give people the impression that mums out there really care about exercise, but really it’s just their ingenious kids wanting their phone calls to be heard. 

Any who, I’m off track. So after the Fitbit Queen answered, she herded my step dad Mick around the loud speaker. We started with “We have some news”. To which I’m sure they jumped to the following options:

  1. We’ve joined a cult (likely for Bill)
  2. I’m pregnant with a devil spawn (also likely for Bill)
  3. We’re breaking up (upon which they would’ve had to tell me that their disowning me and adopting Bill as their child #favourite)
  4. We’re engaged (#4 on their list of thoughts because naturally they would’ve assumed the worst)

On a nicer note my wedding highlight thus far was hearing how excited and happy they were. Its been a tough year for our darling parentals and we were both warmed by their reaction.

  • Ann and Shane. You remember what I said about Mothers and their phones, well Ann of course didn’t answer her phone (she’s getting a Fitbit for Christmas), so we called Shane after, who true to every Father I know, is attached to his phone. Second favourite moment of the day. For those of you who know the Blundy parents, I seriously will have the best in laws, and Bill is the perfect combination of the two personalities. Ann’s kind and easy going nature but Shane’s love of fun and people. Anyway, not surprisingly one of the first questions was, “so, whens the engagement party?!” The Blundys LOVE a party. Any excuse and they’ll hold one. Secretly I think the real reason they were happy for us is because they were getting withdrawals from their last shindig. 

And from there, we went through the family. Of course none of the mothers answered their phones first time, but at least it validated what this years Christmas gifts.

Truth be told, I never pictured myself getting married. I never really got it, it just seemed like a big waste of money. After an hour of calls to our family, I changed my tune. There’s nothing better than hearing genuine happiness from the ones you love most. And, if that 5 minutes is stretched over the course of one day, it’s worth every penny. 

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